BATHCLIN KIKIYU Carbonate Onsen Mineral Bath Salt Relieve low back pain 360g

$18.50 $19.90
巴斯克林KIKI汤碳酸镁入浴剂360g 缓解腰肩痛
    Kikiyu series 6 types to choose according to the symptoms and problems of modern people. 
  • Hot spring mineral + carbon dioxide enhances bathing effect, promotes blood circulation and metabolism. 
  • Warms the body to the core, alleviates various symptoms of the body. 
  • Body care at the end of the day. 
  • It is a health bathing habit and increase bathing effect and soften the symptoms of the next day.
    How to use:
       Make bathing after dissolving the bath salt at a rate of about 30g in hot water (200L) into the bath.


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