kracie Epilat Hair Bleaching Body Cream Speedy

$18.50 $19.80
kracie 毛发脱色剂
●Done in just 5 minutes! Speedy formula bleaching body cream
●Makes unwanted hair a natural gold color without shaving
●Mild formula with a gentle scent
●Contains moisturizing agents(chamomile,seaweed extractvegetable-derived squalene,royal jelly extract)
●For the arms and legs, etc.

※Read the precautions on the carefully. Always perform a patch test before use.

  Bleaching cream for unwanted hair on the arms and legs.
  It cannot be used for bleaching hair on the face, nape of neck or head.
  Do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes as the product may get into the eyes.
  This product is formulated with ammonia and other ingredients. If they get into the eyes, they can cause extreme eye irritation and serious damage.


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