HABA pure root G Lotion 180ml

$42.50 $48.50
HABA润泽柔肤水G露 180ml

- HABA’s Basic Moisturizing Toner, one of the Best Sellers in HABA

- Restore tired skin with a refreshing feel

- Regulates skin metabolism to revitalize skin

- Retains moisture on the skin

- Soothes irritated skin

- Gentle enough for all skin types

how to use :

  1. Take an appropriate amount (a big coin size) on palm and mix with both hands.
  2.   Apply to face softly as if warping by both hands.

- Tip! -
• Do not pat or rub. Do not apply an ample amount at a time, but repeat applications 5 times, to let the skin absorb the toner each time.
• Increase or decrease the application times depending on your skin dried condition.

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