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rosette Gommage Pore Peeling Gel Moist 120g

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rosette去角质啫喱 保湿型 120g
● drop refreshing the old horny. Motchiri clear skin in a simple peeling
● dullness in the work of fruit AHA massage gel drop flake the (dead skin).
Soy milk fermented extract (moisturizer) wash up Motchiri with the formulation, to clear skin
● 3 kinds of fruit acid (lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid) blend, and entwined flaky dead skin cells, and prepares to smooth skin a sense of transparency.
● Motchiri skin moist in the component "soy milk fermentation extract", soy milk fermented extract (moisturizer) is moist care while protecting the moisture necessary for the skin.
● Face care, of course, to smooth neckline, elbow, knee, heel also.
● skin-friendly soft milky gel
● smell of delicate soy milk milk

How to use:
After washing, wipe the moisture, please use in a state in which the skin is dry. - An appropriate amount to take in hand (Muscat seed size), will extend to the entire face to massage firmly close your eyes. 2 to 3 times weekly is a standard for your use.you can use it for elbows, knees, heels,etc.

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