COSME DECORTÉ Moisture Liposome Cream 50g

$168 $172
黛珂肌源修护面霜 50g
Oil-based substances- which are said to be difficult to incorporate in multi-layer liposome- have been successful incorporated in Moisture Liposome Cream.
This means a product rich in emollient, yet refreshingly light with no oily after-feel.
Liposomes carrying abundant nutrients provide advanced hydration on skin in a time- release manner as you sleep.
Moisture Liposome Cream boosts skin natural defence and has anti-aging capabilities. It does so by activating ribosomes, which deteriorate with age.
Ribosomes, also known as 'enzyme production factories' , produce thousands of types of enzymes to for smooth function of the skin's bio-activities.
Great for dry skin, returning it to a firm and healthy condition. Now you can look forward to waking up in the morning with glowing skin.
usage:As the last step in your evening skin care, apply a dollop about the size of two pearls and carefully work into skin.

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