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Kiss Me COLORING EYEBROW MASCARA #05 light brown

$17.99 $23.50

kiss me 染眉膏 05号 亮棕色

  CREATES NATURALLY FLUFFY EYEBROWS THAT MATCH YOUR HAIR COLOR The liquid clings tightly to the eyebrows without coloring the skin. Select a color to match your hair color. 8 colors available. FILM-TYPE EYEBROW MASCARA CREATES INTENSE COLOR ! A single quick application can produce great coloration, an additional coat for even more intense color without coloring the skin. LONG-LASTING YET REMOVES EFFORTLESSLY WITH WARM WATER. Resistant to perspiration, water, oils, and rubbing, and prevents smudging for long hours. Easily removed with warm water and facial cleanser. The Key To Removing Mascara: Wet the eyebrow with a cotton pad, soaked in warm water (104˚F / 40˚C), for a while. Remove by gently wiping away with a cotton pad. CONTAINS PANTHENOL Panthenol, a water-soluble vitamin, enhances the skin’s elasticity and water retention ability.
How to use:
1. Comb with mascara brush from the outer edge of the eyebrow to the inner edge, against the hair growth direction.
2. Apply it from the inner to outer end as combing the hair.
3. Repeat the same steps twice for a more defined eyebrow.

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